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Methodology and associated work plan
To give answer to the concept and objectives of COMET-LA different methodological decisions have been taken regarding the working method, the selection of the environmental problems and case studies and the scientific methods to gather the information and provide results.

Working Method
For each case study a working group formed by researchers from EU and LA institutions, but also for the members of the CSOs has been established. In the water and biodiversity case NILU experts on biodiversity and JHI experts on water will work with PUJ ones and with the Colombian CSO (CCC). In the forest case, UCO experts will work with UNAM ones and with the Mexican CSO (ERA). Finally, in the coastal and marine case SGM experts will work with IADO ones and with the Argentina CSO (AQM). JHI will be responsible of the scenario-building. The global CSO (CEIUCN) will support all the case studies. However, members of all the institutions will participate in meetings and workshops with local communities in the other countries and will have a role in all the WPs. The objective is to have a broader vision of the problems and solutions, to contribute with the different expertise and also to share strategies, knowledge, common understanding, etc.

The scientific partners will provide scientific knowledge and methods about social-ecological systems. CSOs will organize the interactions with the local people, will identify the relevant stakeholders, will organize the different participatory workshops, in short they will be facilitators to link local and scientific knowledge. Both, CSOs members and researchers will tightly collaborate in the undertaken research.
The global partnership will allow the matching of local-scientific knowledge, the adaptation of outcomes to local, national and global scales and the broader dissemination of COMET-LA results.

Research interactions among COMET-LA Partners (click image for large version)



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