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Steering Committee
Given the nature and the characteristics of COMET-LA a Steering Committee in charge of both Scientific and Management tasks is proposed. COMET-LA Steering Committee consists of individual of all project partner institutions. It is chaired by the Coordinator and composed by a representative of any of the partner institutions (namely the WP Leader).

It will:

• Meet at the annual progress meetings, or if required, at the request of one fifth of the
• Be responsible for the routine management and progression of the project.
• Meet semi-annually and discuss the evolution of the scientific topics in the project.
They also discuss and decide the most appropriated methods to be used in any of the
steps of the proposed methodology.
• Be responsible for the scientific quality and timely delivery of the outputs in the Work
Packages and Tasks, and are accountable to the Project Coordinator.
• Conduct bimonthly teleconferences for routine business and sharing of progress and
information, including risk assessments.
• Consider major issues requiring the views or votes of all partners (e.g. financial issues,
reallocation of work, IPR issues, strategic decisions with regard to long-term
continuation, business planning and dissemination strategies).
• Prepare and approve annual progress reports and management and financial reports.
• Have a quorum of 75% and a majority of 75%, both including proxies.

The members of the COMET-LA Steering Committee are the Work Package Leaders (Table 2.1.1). The overall scientific and management coordination is the responsibility of the COMET-LA Coordinator who will work in close collaboration with the Work Package
leaders. It is the responsibility of the WP leaders to coordinate the research and management issues within their WP and then with the Coordinator.

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