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Project Coordinator
COMET-LA is lead by a Project Coordinator (Mª del Mar DELGADO, UCO) who is
responsible for managing RTD, finance and reporting, and also chairs the Steering Committee. She has participated in different research and education international projects funded by multilateral organisms and international organizations such as UNESCO, FAO, IADB, UNDP, World Bank, and have ample working experience in Latin America. A Project administrator will assist her in her duties and activities. The Work Package leaders, as assigned below, are responsible for managing the RTD of their work packages and for reporting to the Coordinator all achievements and results, as well as any problems that arise during the course of the project.

The coordinating institution, the University of Cordoba (Spain) has ample capacity and
experience to successfully manage the project. Researchers at the university have coordinated a wide range of major international (including EU) and national research projects over the past decades. In the 6FP, six projects were coordinated by UCO and in the 7FP they already participate in ten projects, coordinate two, three are in negotiation phase and four more projects participate in ERA-Nets coordinated by the Spanish Ministry of Innovation. Most of these projects are focused on Knowledge Based Bio-Economy or Environment Areas. Furthermore, different large scale Spanish Government funded projects have been or are coordinated by UCO.

Contact us:
Prof. Maria del Mar Delgado 

Directora del Secretariado para la Formación de Investigadores
Universidad de Córdoba





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