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Advisory Board
The role of the Advisory Board is to provide input and feedback on the project research design and (intermediate) output during the different project phases.
The Coordinator and the Scientific Board will be supported by an Advisory Board composed of up to 8 external experts who are recognized for their expertise in the research, operational, economic or policy domains addressed by COMET-LA, and who can act as an evaluation consultative body to review the main outputs of the project.

On the basis of their reviews, the Advisory Board may recommend future or additional research or outreach activities for the Consortium. It should be noted that the review process of the Advisory Board will take place in addition to and independent from the normal review process required by the Commission.

Additionally, members of the Advisory Board may act as advocates of COMET-LA activities in appropriate external forums.

At the time of writing this proposal, the following individuals have confirmed their intent to participate in the Advisory Board.

Contact us:
Prof. Maria del Mar Delgado 

Directora del Secretariado para la Formación de Investigadores
Universidad de Córdoba





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