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Seminar for the economic and social effects of climate change

The Faculty of Economics of UNAM has a long history of research on environmental economics and sustainable development. At present, it offers a Master´s and a Doctoral Programme on these topics.

Issues such as water use, forestry, social participation in ecological systems, energy and others are part of the research work carried out by academics and graduate students. The Faculty also participates in a branch of a Doctoral Programme on Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development at the National University La Agraria in Lima, Peru. This programme is designed to address the needs of creating human capital for the Andean Region. Interesting and useful theses are emerging of such academic enterprise. It should be mentioned that the main emphasis of all the work is to establish an interdisciplinary approach to environmental problems although the economic variables are place as important ones.

More than ten researchers and 60 students are involved in this area of knowledge.


Contact us:
Prof. Maria del Mar Delgado 

Directora del Secretariado para la Formación de Investigadores
Universidad de Córdoba





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