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Sagremarisco-Viveiros de Marisco Lda.

Sagremarisco-Viveiros de Marisco Lda. was founded in 1985 as a limited company at Sagres in SW Portugal. SGM operates at the interface between industry, education and scientific research and management providing: maintenance support for  the local aquaculture industry and  fishing fleet, as well as running  trials in  marine conditions for materials that are  under development for maritime use; support with equipment and human resources for  coastal field studies by both local and foreign universities, and other educational institutions: active participation in scientific research projects in the coastal zone; involvement with local, national and international institutions responsible for management of the coastal zone. Some examples of recent or current partnerships in European funded research projects: 2000-2003, Oceanographic applications to eutrophication in regions of restricted exchange (OAERRE); 2004-2007, Collective research on aquaculture biofouling (CRAB); 2007-Ongoing,  “Science and policy integration for coastal system assessment” (SPICOSA); 2008-2012:  European Space Agency “Technical assistance for the validation of  MERIS marine products at Portuguese and oceanic and coastal sites”.  At national level, SGM is a Consultant to the Administração de Região Hidrográfico  (ARH) in the Algarve, Portugal on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, and  at the local level advises the Junta de Freguesia of Vila do Bispo and the Associação de Marisqueiros of Vila do Bispo on “The management of the stalk barnacle fishery along the SW coast of Portugal”. Since its inception, SGM has consulted on offshore aquaculture and is currently licensed with a partnership to install a “long line” system for offshore bivalve culture at Sagres.


Contact us:
Prof. Maria del Mar Delgado 

Directora del Secretariado para la Formación de Investigadores
Universidad de Córdoba





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